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 Mod application

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PostSubject: Mod application   Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:04 pm

you want to be a mod?

apply here

Here are some questions i want you to answer before i will ever think about making you a mod.

1.Mod for wht exactly?
2.How will u contribute to the site besides just advertisin?
3.Will ur amount of posts go up? long have u been hacking(what patch)?
5.what would you say your level of hacking knowledge is from 1- 10.
6Are u patient?
7.Do u play socom often? if so either pm ur name or write it here.
8. (Depending on your postion)what have u done that might make me and the other admins put u as this postion?
9.If your intentions are being tht if u get to be moderator u will get VIP is wrong u still wont get VIP access. Thats a whole separate Thing and interview

your answers and weather you can uphold your answer will determan weather you will get mod or not.
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Mod application
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