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 plase make me o tester

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PostSubject: plase make me o tester   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:28 pm

Why you want to be one?
cause this site is awsome
and i need to give back wat i take

How long you have been hacking?
1 year

What is your hobby?
socom and bodyboardin

What times can u be on socom?
perrty much anytime as long as im not workin

Are u a leaker?
No, hell no, i hate that crap.
if i need somethin ill ask and if its off limits to others then
to bad fer them.

Why i should pick you.
1. cause im awsome
2. i can test codes
3. i know wat im doin
4. i want to contribute
5. i can help others with tagz ce or unbaning(24 hr)
6. i can post and answer questions
7. i try to post useful codes that arent on here or havent been up in awhile(fun codes).
8. i dont hax if its not neccesary.
9 i bring good rep to the site.
10. i like to have fun YYEEYYAA afro lol!
11. and i really really wanna bounce
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plase make me o tester
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